RAFAEL BEJARANO, THIRTYFIRSTSTREET, WINNER: “I thought I was going to finish third, for sure. But at the same time, I was thinking that my horse hadn’t switched leads yet. As soon as he switched leads and got in towards the rail, he showed me a big kick and I just thought to let him keep going. It was a small field, but I think he needs a little more distance. The track is getting better. Every race is getting better, the dirt is more firm and it looks good.”


DOUG O’NEILL, THIRTYFIRSTSTREET, WINNER: “I haven’t talked with Rafael Bejarano yet, but it did seem like he was weaving in between horses to find a spot. We were yelling, ‘Go outside, go outside,’ and then we’re like, ‘Go in between, go in between. Go in something . . . But Raffy just rode a great race. The horse is named for the street where I live in Santa Monica, 31st Street. We have a block party every year and I’ve been joking with people that I’m going to name a horse after our block, and it’s so nice that this happened.”

NOTES: The winning owners are Kevin Bogart of Tustin who races as Sterling Stable; Mark Gorman of Ventura; and Neil Haymes of Alta Loma.