RUSSELL BAZE, BOLD CHIEFTAIN, WINNER: “This ranks right up there with any race I’ve ever won, anywhere. We were in some pretty tight straights there turning for home. I didn’t know if I was going to get through or not, but a hole presented itself coming to the three-sixteenths and we got through, but then I had to check up and we clipped heels. Even though we got through I had that horse (Unusual Smoke) laying on me and it’s hard for a horse to move when he’s got horses laying on him like that, but he did it.”


WILLIAM MOREY JR., BOLD CHIEFTAIN, WINNER: “There were three veterans out there: the rider, the trainer and the horse. These are the kinds of things that leave you breathless and make the game so much fun, and we’re supposed to have fun out here. There’s a little bit of money in it, too.”
Asked if Russell Baze might have moved too soon in the San Pasqual: “Trips make races. I’m not taking anything from the winner, but in that race we might have rushed a little early for second money, plus, he might have need that race a little bit. We were really gearing for this one. This is the one we were after. We stayed here. We didn’t go back up Highway Five (to his Bay Area headquarters). We camped out here at Santa Anita . . . He was really going to have to jump up with a monster today to continue thinking of going on (racing), and he came through, so I guess he wants to keep going. He’s got the ball. If he doesn’t want to do it anymore, just let us know, but when he runs races like this, it’s pretty hard not to be looking down the road at another one.”

JIM CASSIDY, THE USUAL Q.T., 11-10 FAVORITE, NINTH: “The race set up badly for us. There was too much pressure too early . . . my horse got rank. . . . We’ll discuss whether he’ll go back on grass, but right now, that’s certainly what I would think.”

NOTES: The winning owners are Dwaine Hall of Los Altos, Ernest Langbein of Alameda, William Morey Jr. of San Carlos and Ken Robinson of Los Gatos.