RAFAEL BEJARANO, PROUDINSKY, WINNER: “It looked like Lava Man was going to be the speed in the race. When the one (Acclamation) broke a little slow, I knew we’d have try to get into position to put some pressure on. When we passed the half-mile pole, the one pressed us from the outside, so I let my horse run to hold our position. At the top of the stretch, I asked him and he gave me a good turn of foot. I could see the seven (favored Loup Breton) was really running on the rail, but my horse was running faster and they couldn’t catch him.”


HUMBERTO ASCANIO, PROUDINSKY, WINNER: “Good horses do the job. I learned from the Bobby Frankel school. I’m not Bobby Frankel, but I just do his thing. I knew Julio’s horse (Loup Breton) was going to come running at the end, but I was real confident. He (Rafael Bejarano) had a lot of horse, and he told me he had a lot of confidence in the horse. He said he was going to win.”

DOUG O’NEILL, LAVA MAN, SEVENTH: “He had a gash on his hind right tibia when he came back, but I don’t think that caused anything. It looks like he hit the side of the gate leaving there. He just got tired. That’s what Tyler (Baze) commented on. I thought I had him more fit than that, but it’s hard to simulate a mile and an eight turf race in the mornings. When he asked him to kick on, he said he gave him something, but he just couldn’t sustain it. I’m bummed, yeah. I was very eager to see him run today because he had been training like the Lava Man of old, and again, he really never had much of a layoff during the whole three-year campaign that we had him on, so this was kind of a new thing to see. He definitely disappointed me in his results, but he really made me real happy, the fact that he got back here and I thought he looked great striding out. Tyler, the last eighth of a mile just kind of took care of him and didn’t get after him once he knew he wasn’t going to be in the top five, so he just wrapped up on him.
“We’ll talk with the boys (owners) and Dr. Doug Herthel and see how he comes out of it and just put our heads together and see what’s the right thing for Lava Man.”

NOTES: Winning owner Johanna Louise Glen-Teven is from Manhattan Beach.