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September 28, 2013


MARIO GUTIERREZ, BOND HOLDER, WINNER: “This race set up great for my horse because he likes to come from behind. He seemed to like the distance today and I think that played a major part in his win. I don’t think the dirt made much of a difference because he runs everywhere; it was the distance that was the biggest factor.”

RAFAEL BEJARANO, DANCE WITH FATE, SECOND: “I had a good trip. There was no problem. He broke really well. He was in position. The winner came on in the end.


GARY STEVENS, BEHOLDER, WINNER: “They have done such a good job with her, she’s really matured from what I’ve seen just being a fan of hers and then being able to ride her right now. I just try and stay out of her way. She’s particular about what she wants and as long as she gets it she’s easy to deal with. When she swaps leads coming off the turn she lunges and it’s like she covers two lengths of what a normal stride is. I haven’t got close to the bottom of her yet.


GARY STEVENS, MUCHO MACHO MAN, WINNER: “The race was pretty much over at the three-eighths pole. He has a tremendous stride and he runs the turns really well. He’s very athletic. I let him stretch himself a little at the three-eighths pole and had him pick it up again at the quarter pole. Had the race been a mile and one quarter I probably wouldn’t have been as aggressive as I was but they told me to get a good race in and get a good gallop out of him afterwards, which I did.

September 27, 2013


JULIEN LEPAROUX, CHIPS ALL IN, WINNER: “He broke pretty good, and I tried to put him in the race. And then I just tried to be clear and not have any traffic. I put him where he was clear, and he put me there easy. I thought I felt someone coming on the outside, and he went on. He loves this track and loves this distance.

“He ran great at Del Mar. We knew that he liked the distance here, so we’re happy to be back here.”

GARRETT GOMEZ, BOAT TRIP, SECOND: “He’s run down the hill before but when we hit the dirt he jumped a little and I lost ground.

April 21, 2013


JOE TALAMO, INTERACTION, WINNER: “We had a perfect trip. The whole way around I was able to save a lot of ground. Turning for home I took him out and he gave me a huge effort the last eighth of a mile. The horse that ran second (All Squared Away), you can’t take anything away from him, he was pretty hard to get by. My horse just showed a lot of heart and effort, he showed a lot of class today.”

EDWIN MALDONADO, ALL SQUARED AWAY, SECOND: “I couldn’t have asked for a better trip; it was beautiful.

April 20, 2013


RAFAEL BEJARANO, LADY OF SHAMROCK, WINNER: “I was a little worried about the pace and the horse on the lead was going really slow so I just tried to save ground on both turns. When I saw the opportunity on the rail in the stretch, and I saw a lot of room I just kept running but unfortunately when Victor used the right hand stick his horse kept coming in and completely crossed my lane and I was completely on her heels so I didn’t have any choice but to hold my horse and stop riding a little, and then letting her go again.

“I don’t think he knew I was there.


TYLER BAZE, CHIPS ALL IN, WINNER: “I wasn’t concerned about today at all. Not with the way he’s been training; he’s training lights out. He’s a real special horse and it’s just a privilege to be on him. He’s a really cool horse.”

(In response to how this meet has been for him)

“I came from a long ways a way and the meet’s been great. My agent (Craig O’Bryan) has done a great job, and we work well together.

April 14, 2013


COREY NAKATANI, SISTER KATE, WINNER: “I was trying to put her in the race and let her assert herself as the speed, but David (Flores) wanted to go on Baffert’s horse. I opted to let him go ahead and go, I got to his outside to track him and it ended up working out for us.”

DAVID FLORES, CANDREA, SECOND: “She got tired. I never got a chance to make her change her lead at the end, she was laying down. She tried, she was honest, and she gave me a great run, no complaints.

April 13, 2013


DAVID FLORES, MIZDIRECTION, WINNER: “She broke well. I was concerned about the break but she broke clean. I looked over and Talamo had a lot of horse (on Schiaparelli) so I let him cruise. There was no other pressure from anyone else so I just kind of waited to see how far he was going to go. She’s unbelievable. She knew exactly when she was going to do the job. “After we crossed the dirt, I got after her a bit and I let her know it was time to get there, but the last sixteenth I knew it was over. She is very smart, she knows what she’s doing.

April 7, 2013


RAFAEL BEJARANO, I DAZZLE, WINNER: “I could see that Gary Stevens (on 1-2 favorite In the Stars) was going pretty quick and I wanted to keep my horse relaxed. I could see Stevens open up around the turn and when I asked my horse, she gave me a good kick.”


JOHN SADLER, I DAZZLE, WINNER, MOONE’S MY NAME, SECOND, AND BYRONY, THIRD: “We wanted to get a good position, so he (Rafael Bejarano) rode a very good race, like Rafael always does.