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February 5, 2012


CHANTAL SUTHERLAND, GAME ON DUDE, WINNER: “He’s such a good horse. He was strong today and had a lot left. He wasn’t even sweating when he came back; it was like a workout for him. I had to look at the TV to see if anybody was around because I couldn’t hear anybody. When I looked at the TV and saw it was clear sailing I was so happy. What’s amazing about this horse is that when I went up to Joe Talamo’s horse (Skipshot) he was so aggressive and wanted to pass him. Once he passed him he relaxed. I knew he needed to keep doing his business and he was very responsive to me.”

February 4, 2012


MIKE SMITH, MR. COMMONS, WINNER: “He’s just incredible. Like I said before, he makes me feel like a kid again. When I ride him he gives me a whole lot of guts because I believe in him so much. I know that he’s going to go anywhere I ask him to go, and he does it with extreme acceleration. He just makes my job really easy.”


MARIO GUTIERREZ, I’LL HAVE ANOTHER, WINNER: “This is my biggest win. It’s a great thrill.”


MARTIN PEDROZA, ULTIMATE EAGLE, FIRST: “My plan was to take the lead. When I didn’t see Corey on the lead I figured he might have broke a step slow. I was in front and he took the lead easily and Corey came and then Rosario and then my horse took off. After that it was like a three-horse race. I wanted to let Corey go but my horse was pulling so hard I didn’t want to choke him down. After that he did the rest. Without a doubt this is the best horse. He’s like a freak. Believe me this horse is just learning how to run.”

January 29, 2012


RAFAEL BEJARANO, UNZIP ME, WINNER: “I should have been on the lead. I didn’t try to use too much horse this time. I knew the three was going to put on pressure. My filly broke really sharp from the gate and I saw the three rush a little bit so I decided to take her back and wait a little bit. She showed me a big kick in the stretch.”

JOEL ROSARIO, TERODA, SECOND: “Perfect trip. That’s a tough horse (Unzip Me) to beat. I tried my best to beat her. She’s always there. I thought my horse ran a very good race, we were just second best today.”


January 28, 2012


MARTIN PEDROZA, WILLA B AWESOME, WINNER: “My plan was, there was no speed on paper, so if they would chase me for a little bit, I could pull her away early. If the other horses had to come from behind, I figured I’d have a pretty good chance to win the race. It was just the way I planned it. I took advantage of her speed. I put her where she wanted to be, and then I said, ‘Come and get me.’”


RAFAEL BEJARANO, HOLLADAY ROAD, WINNER: “I knew there was going to be plenty of speed in the race. I got comfortable with my horse, and knew I could be patient a little bit. When I saw the No. 6 horse and the other horse, they tried to soften each other up, so I relaxed and waited a little bit. From the half-mile pole, everybody spread out, so I tried to go to the rail and make a little move, and that was it.”



COREY NAKATANI, CHOKECHERYMARY, WINNER: “I worked her for Gary over at Hollywood Park, and he said she’s a hard-trying filly. She does everything you ask her to do. My main concern was getting her relaxed. I’ve watched some of her races, and she’s a little high-strung and wants to do a little too much too early. All I did was get along with her, keep her happy, and when I asked her, she saved ground. When I moved her outside, she kicked like she’s supposed to. What a job Gary and the guys are doing with her.


JOEL ROSARIO, HOME SWEET ASPEN, WINNER: “Last time, she was probably going a little too quick, but she was much better today – she was impressive. I kind of saw the other horse coming on the outside, so I just waited a little bit, but I knew she had a little more left because I let her go out easy early, and she did.”