ARCADIA, Calif. (Nov. 12, 2010)—Santa Anita’s workout camera, a popular item on the track’s website for the past three years, is now available to fans via cell phone internet browser.

“As long as your phone is flash-enabled, you can view the Webcam,” said Santa Anita’s Vice President of Marketing, Allen Gutterman. “The webcam has proven to be very popular with our fans and with the addition of this new technology, it’s going to be more readily accessible than ever before.

“If your phone is flash-enabled, you’ll be able to download video via iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry. We’re scheduled to have horses back on the main track on Dec. 6, so we’re anticipating that there’s going to be a great deal of interest in this. This truly brings morning training right to the customer, wherever he or she may be and we’re very excited about it.”

Gutterman also noted that with the advancing technology, Webcam viewers will now see things closer to real time. “The delay on this camera used to be about 25 to 30 seconds. We’ve now been able to cut that delay to 10 to 15 seconds, which is significant.”

Santa Anita is currently in the midst of transforming its one-mile main track to natural dirt. The main track was comprised of synthetic material from September, 2007, until its removal last month.

Santa Anita will open again for live racing on Sunday, Dec. 26, day one of its traditional winter/spring meeting, which will run through April 17. For more information on how to access Santa Anita’s workout Webcam and for ticket information, fans are encouraged to visit, or to call (626) 574-RACE.