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With so many interesting exotic wagers available to the savvy horseplayer, it's important to find bets that are best for you. Some bettors love to play vertically—focusing on exactas, trifectas, and supers—while others, like myself, prefer to pick winners, focusing on the horizontal wagers like the Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick 5.

While these multi-race exotic wagers provide an opportunity for a big score, there is another exotic wager that offers a steady, solid return on your investment, if you know what to look for—the Daily Double. With the beginning of the Spring Meet—which runs from April 25 through June 29, Santa Anita will not only be bringing back the popular Rolling Daily Double, but it will also offer this fan-favorite wager at the same 18% reduced takeout that was in place during the Winter meet. With a $2 base minimum bet and a player-friendly takeout of only 18%, the new Rolling Daily Double wager offers some of the best wagering opportunities on the betting menu.

Throughout this Spring Meet, we'll be taking a new approach to this old wager by providing detailed analysis and suggested wagering strategies for the Rolling Daily Double. The key is to find the right sequence of races that will offer the most lucrative payouts. We'll be isolating vulnerable favorites to beat and live long shots to back, as well as suggesting logical betting combinations to fully maximize the value of this low-takeout wager.


12/28/13: $5 Double (2-7) returned: $253.50
1/19/14: $2 Double (7-8) returned: $119.80
1/25/14: $5 Double (6-11) returned: $165.50
2/7/14: $10 Double (4-4) returned: $57.00
2/15/14: $10 Double (6-4) returned $165.00
3/15/14: $4 Double (4-3) returned $86.40
3/20/15: $2 Double (8-4; 8-1) returned $77.00
3/22/14: $3 Double (1-6) returned $63.00
4/3/14: $4 Double (3-12) returned $43.60
5/10/14: $10 Double (3-4) returned $24.00
5/11/14: $5 Double (8-4) returned $20.50
5/25/14: $5 Double (4-2) returned $32.50
5/26/14: $8 Double (4-4) returned $29.60
6/6/14: $5 Double (5-6) returned $50.00
6/8/14: $5 Double (8-3) returned $64.00

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Frank R. Scatoni is the former editor of The HorsePlayer Magazine, as well as the author of the book Six Secrets of Successful Bettors. He has been a contributor to several e-newsletters, in which he provided detailed analysis of stakes races throughout the world, and he continues to provide racing analysis for Santa Anita and Del Mar. He is a qualifier for the National Handicapping Championship (NHC) and currently acts as a trip-note taker and database manager for the popular live-paddock report Twitter feed @Quigleys_Corner.