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Photography Day

Photography Day
There are few places in the Southland more picturesque than Santa Anita Park. With the magnificent San Gabriel Mountains serving as a daily backdrop, The Great Race Place is always full of photographic possibilities.

Join Santa Anita Park on Saturday , January 20th for a day especially made for the eye of the beholder.

Photographers of every skill level will enjoy a full day at the races, beginning in the early morning hours at the renowned Clockers’ Corner and continuing on into an afternoon of racing.

Registration begins at 7AM at Clockers’ Corner.

Breakfast will be served from 9:30 am to 11:00 am.

Expert panel discussion will take place at 10:00 am. 

$50 Package includes: 

  • Breakfast Buffet at Clockers’ Corner
  • Club House Admission
  • Backside, Paddock and Winner’s Circle Tours 
  • Exclusive expert panel
  • Racing Program

Please read through the following rules for Photo Day:

  3. NO fast movements, running or loud noises (i.e. yelling)
  4. NO smoking allowed in barn area, paddock or Winner’s Circle
  5. PARTICIPANTS NOT ALLOWED on the racetrack at any time
  6. NO barn access allowed (special exception: tram tour)
  7. NO open toed shoes or flip flops allowed
  8. DO NOT shoot from a low or crouched position when in vicinity of horses
  9. Horses always have the right-of-way
  10. Keep clear of horses and use caution at all times
  11. DO NOT drop your trash. Please respect the track at all times
  12. Abide by any instructions given by a Santa Anita Park employee/CHRB credentialed horseman
  13. When in doubt, please always ask a Santa Anita Park employee

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