Meet Joe Morris of the Stronach Group

Get to know Stronach Group’s Senior Vice-President of West Coast Operations, Mr. Joe Morris. 

A man of distinction, Morris is always on-hand to make sure things are running smoothly at Santa Anita Park. Though he can be seen walking the grounds on a daily basis, most fans do not know his origins, his dedication to the industry, or his main philosophy.

Customer Service is a top priority for Morris, as is demonstrated in a direct quote from Voyage LA –

“We offer more than just one way to sit, to see and to experience everything that is Horse Racing and we do it in a way that is unlike any other track in the country.

I’m most proud of our people putting on the show. The employees and the backstretch workers, who get the least amount of recognition. Horses are an eight day a week job. I know there are only seven days but it’s an eight day a week job. Doesn’t matter what the weather is like, doesn’t matter how you feel, those horses need to be taken care of and I’m so proud of the people that do that.

Here at Santa Anita, we do that at the absolute highest level in the country. There is no higher level of racing than what we provide right here and the owners are the same way. Our jockeys, our trainers, our backstretch workers are all the operating at the highest level, every day.”

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