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This new version of iHandicapRaces with PacePals is completely Free on Amazon Underground (Free App and Free data). iHandicapRaces with PacePals is the first and best graphical handicapping app! State of the art data analysis software designed by aerospace engineers, our pro handicappers Dave Weaver, television horse racing analyst, and Craig Peterson creator of Pace Pals "The Fast and Fun Way to Play the Ponies!", former Hollywood Park Program Director and 30 year veteran of southern California racing. iHandicapRaces with PacePals makes selections from downloaded data (Free App - data is $1.99 per track or up to $9.99 per day for all tracks with all handicapping information on Apple App Store or Google Play– 100% FREE app and downloads on Amazon Underground!). amzn.to/2cl3Hdh The app makes horse racing fun and profitable. It produces easy to read and use graphs featuring intuitive and powerful handicapping with run style icons, plus picks for most thoroughbred tracks and many quarter horse tracks. You can display data in bar, line and scatter plot graphs: · Speed (last, best, average in feet per second) - line & bar graph · Overall Pace line - bar & scatter plot graph · Early Pace line - bar & scatter plot graph · Pace Pals Plus Minus for post, jockey, trainer · Pace Pals Rank (last, best, average) – bar graph · Pace Pals Running Style Graph Now novice or pro can get profitable selections INSTANTLY! The fastest horse JUMPS off the screen. Line graphs allow anyone to quickly see which horses are consistent, improving or declining in condition. Posts, Jockeys and Trainers receive easy to understand ratings. Download iHandicapRaces with PacePals NOW and get the BEST, MOST ADVANCED handicapping tool available today! For FREE! http://wwww.ihandicapraces.com

Website: http://wwww.ihandicapraces.com

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