Pace Pals

iHandicapRaces with Pace Pals is the ONLY Zero Intimidation Factor (ZIF) Handicapping System. We've combined iHandicapRaces from Infinite Monkey LLC and Craig Peterson's' Pace Pals to bring you the fastest most accurate handicapping system available today. iHandicapRaces is a state-of-the-art predictive analysis handicapping tool designed by aerospace industry engineers using the same type of predictive analysis to land a rover on Mars or slingshot a capsule around the moon. All data is presented graphically in easy to read charts and graphs. It's a leg up to the novice and the polish for the pros. Pace Pals is "The Fast and Fun Way to Play the Ponies". Pace Pals is a revolutionary new handicapping system that uses graphic icons to enhance the betting experience for horse racing enthusiasts of all levels. Learn handicapping for horse racing the fun way. iHandicapRaces is available on the iPhone App Store. iHandicapRaces with Pace Pals will be available soon on the iPhone App Store and is a free upgrade to current iHandicapRaces handicappers.

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